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LeBron’s Kids Will Attend School Back Home


According to multiple reports, LeBron’s two kids, Bryce Maximus and LeBron Jr., will be attending local public schooling next year in Bath Township, Ohio, where LeBron’s Akron mansion is located.

LeBron already stated that he plans on having his kids attend St. Vincent St. Mary’s, his alma mater, in Akron for high school.

With the anticipation in Cleveland of LeBron returning with the Cavaliers, this will obviously spark some intrigue and interest more so. Even if LeBron is just doing this so his kids can attend his high school which he is extremely familiar with, many will believe it will be a response to possibly reuniting with the team the drafted him back in 2003.

Personally, it could be a sign of things to come. But the fact of the matter is that he already has a huge home in Akron, and he loves SVSM. He has invested over $2 million in renovations for the high school, and he was obviously very successful there, and they helped put him on the map (in addition to his God-given talents). He would never send his kids to a high school in Miami in an unfamiliar area, but rather send them to his alma mater.

This may not be a sign that LeBron is coming back to Cleveland. But boy does it look like one. If anything it makes July 1st a lot more exciting. With the 2014 draft being 5 days earlier, with the anticipation of the Cavs offering a max contract to Kyrie, as well trying to lure LeBron back to Cleveland, this summer will be very interesting and exciting for the Wine & Gold.

LeBron will tell you he’s sending his kids to Bath because it’s where his home is. But boy is it a convenient time to send Bryce and LeBron Jr. to Akron schools, when he can opt out of his player option and test the market for free agency.

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